Nauji duomenys apie retuosius augalus Šilutės rajone [New data on rare plant species in Šilutė district]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 5(2): 183–185

The most southern district of the coastal part of Lithuania is defined by complicated geomorphologic and edaphic condition that determinate the diversity of habitats, rich flora and vegetation. During the botanical investigations carried out in 1997-1998 several protected plant species were found in Šilutė district. Characteristic of habitats, state of population Arctium nemorosum, Carex brizoides, Dactylorhyza longifolia, Dactylorhyza maculata, Fragaria moschata, Lunaria rediviva, Orchis morio, Pedicularis sylvatica, Peplis portula are described.

Keywords: rare species, protected species, Lithuania.