Paprastojo skroblo (Carpinus betulus L.) radimvietė už arealo ribos [Locality of Carpinus betulus L. behind the areal border]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 5(2): 191–194

The areal border of Carpinus betulus crosses the territory of Lithuania. Temperature is the main climatic factor limiting the distribution of this species. In 1996 a new locality of Carpinus betulus was found behind of areal border in Vilnius district. This community belongs to the association Tilio-Carpinetum betuli Traczyk 1962 of the broad leaved forest (Cl. Querco-Fagatea Br.-Bl. et Vlieger in Vlieger 1937). The abundance and role of Carpinus betulus in these phytocenosis are described. The vertical structure and floristic composition of these communities are presented.

Keywords: Carpinus betulus, areal border, forests, communities, Lithuania.