Effect of grassslands on sustainability of the Lithuanian agro landscape ecosystems [Žolynų įtaka Lietuvos agrolandšafto ekosistemų stabilumui]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 5(4): 327–334

Data on dynamics of biological productivity (aboveground ant underground phytomass (t/ha dry-weight substance of the 1st harvest) of natural and cultural grassland in hilly agrolandscape ecosystems, i.e. slopes, cultivated low type peat-bogs between hills, and river slopes was presented. Biological productivity of grasslands makes 28–51, of cultural 22–36 t/ha. The stability of grasslands productivity depends on of the composition of species, fertility of the soil, and particularly on water regime. The development of aboveground ant underground parts of plants in the studied phytocenoses plays a more or less important anti-erosive role. Cultural grasslands (28 years or order) provide a reserve for natural vegetative renewal through a process of re-naturalization and stabilization of agrolandscape ecosystems.

Keywords: natural grasslands, cultural grasslands, productivity, ecosystems, Lithuania.