Fitotrofinių grybų augimo in vitro ypatybės [Peculiarities of in vitro growth of phytotrophic fungi]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 5(4): 349–362

The speed of radial colonial growth of seven fungi strains (96-1, 98-1 – Septoria convolvuli Desm., 97-1 – Mycovellosiella convolvuli (Tracy et Earle) U. Braun, 97-2, 98-2 – S. polygonorum Desm., 98-3 – Ramularia inaquale (Preuss) U. Braun and 98-4 – Ascochyta chenopodii (P. Karst) Died.) on different solid media (malt extract agar (MEA), potato dextrose agar (PDA), Czapes dox agar (CDA), and natural agar (NA) and the influence of microelements on growth of fungal biomass in liquid media were investigated. Pathogenic fungi, growing and sporulating on artificial media, after the investigation on their specialization and effect on host plants could be used for the mycoherbicidic weed biocontrol. The project was financially supported by the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation.

Keywords: phytotrophic fungi, intensivy of growth, fungal biomass.