Impact of stem wounds on radial increment of Norway spruce (Picea abies) [Kamieno pažeidimų įtaka paprastosios eglės (Picea abies)radialiniam prieaugiui]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(1): 105–107

The aim of the present study was to check if there were any changes in radial increment of damaged spruce after wounding. For that purpose 47 spruces with extraction wounds and 40 spruces with bark stripping wounds were cut and dissected. Their radial increments were measured for the period of 5 years prior to the injury and 5 years post injury. Both data sets were compared using t-test. The results showed negligible impact of both types of mechanical injury on radial growth of Norway spruce.

Keywords: wounds, radial increment, spruce.