Jono Pipinio indėlis į Lietuvos briofloros tyrimus [Contribution of Jonas Pipinys to the investigations of bryoflora of Lithuania]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(1): 23–52

J. Pipinys is known as an investigator of bryophytes of fens and meadows in Eastern Lithuania (82 species were ascertained). In 1997–1998 previously unknown J. Pipinys collection of bryophytes (582 specimens of 173 species) was revised and transferred for keeping to BILAS. Specimens were collected in 25 administrative districts, but the richest collections seemed to be from eastern Lithuania (230 specimens) and from Kaunas dam flooded area (150 specimens). Specimens of some rare species (Bartramia ithyphylla, Bryum schleicheri, Lophozia rutheana, Fontinalis hypnoides, Jungermania gracillima) are of high importance. A list of all specimens of J. Pipinys collection of bryophytes is presented.

Keywords: Lithuania, herbarium, bryophytes, collection.