Profesoriaus K. Regelio biografijos ir mokslinės veiklos metmenys [Survey of the biography and scientific activity of Professor C. Regel]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(1): 65–83

The paper is dedicated to Professor Constantin Regel on the occasion of his 11Oth anniversary of birth and 30th anniversary of death. Together with other botanists Prof. C. Regel was developing the botany science in Lithuanian University in 1922–1940. His scientific and pedagogical heritage is still important. The paper consists of two parts. In the first part the biography of C. Regel is described basing on the literature, memoirs, and archival documents. In the second part the material about his scientific activity is presented referring on the analysis of his publications. The aim of the paper is to portray the life of Prof. C. Regel and to evaluate his scientific heritage as well to show his characteristic features as of the specialist in phytogeography and phytosociology. The paper includes the list of Prof. C. Regel’s works.

Keywords: C. Regel, biography, scientific activity, bibliography.