Responses of Briza media to acidic pollutants [Briza media atsakas rūgštiems teršalams]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(1): 53–63

Briza media L. plants were exposed to combinations of gaseous pollutants and wet nitrogen mist. Gaseous pollution treatments resulted in substantial changes in plant weights. There was an increase in Briza media growth at both the 10 ppb SO2 + l0 ppb NO2 and the 20 ppb SO2 + 20 ppb NO2 treatments compared to the plants exposed to charcoal filtered air and the 40 ppb SO2 + 40 ppb NO2 treatment. Wet nitrogen applied in the range of 20–60 kg N ha-1 yr-1 did not show any influence on tillering, fresh and dry weights of total plants or their separate parts. Through all harvests there were interactions between the two types of pollutants on fresh weights and leaf areas of Briza media. Interaction of pollutants on dry weights of total plant and its separate parts appeared only at 14th week harvest and were similar to subsequent 12th week effects. Wet nitrogen increased the stimulatory effects of 10 ppb SO2 + 10 ppb NO2: or 20 ppb NO2+ 20 ppb SO2 on weights

Keywords: nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ammonium ni1rtl1e, Briza media, grasses, growth.