Cardamine flexuosa With. (Brassicaceae) in Lithuania [Cardamine flexuosa With. (Brassicaceae) Lietuvoje]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(2): 221–226

Cardamine flexuosa – a new species for the flora of Lithuania – is described on the basis of specimens collected in 1997 in Žemaitija National Park (Plungė district) and Dambrava forest (Kaišiadorys district). Earlier report on the occurrence of this species in Punios šilas Nature Reserve is based on a misidentified specimen. Characteristics of C. flexuosa habitats and notes on the changes of species abundance in the course of three years are described. Distribution map of C. flexuosa is presented.

Keywords: Cardamine flexuosa, Brassicaceae, distribution, Lithuania.