Girukės miško Tilio-Carpinetum betuli Traczyk 1962 bendrijų dinamika [Dynamics of Tilio-Carpinetum betuli Traczyk 1962 communities in Girukė forest]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(2): 157–173

Phytocoenological relevés of Tilio-Carpinetum betuli corydaletosum cavae communities were recorded in Girukė forest (Meteliai Regional Park, South-West Lithuania) by M. Natkevičaitė-Ivanauskienė and J. Tupčiauskaitė in 1982–1983. Investigations were repeated in 1997 trying to ascertain the dynamical changes of flora composition and structure of these phytocoenoses. Qualitative and quantitative changes of flora composition in these phytocoenoses were imperceptible: dynamic group of permanent species absolutely preiominated, composition and significance of species of syntaxonomic groups almost have not changed. progressive changes of structure were defined: Acer platanoides reached the tree stand, Tilia cordata strengthened in the second layer of tree stand. These changes are the result of dynamical process of regeneration. The phytocoenological evaluation of Tilio-Carpinetum betuli communities is presented, the question of zone vegetation in South-West Lithuania is discussed.

Keywords: forest, vegetation, Tilio-Carpinetum betuli, zonal vegetation dynamics, South-West Lithuania.