Data on Lithuanian Laboulbeniales [Duomenys apie Lietuvos Laboulbeniales eilės grybus]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(3): 299–311

The paper deals with historical and new data about a highly specialised ectoparasitic fungi on insects of the order Laboulbeniales from Lithuania. Sixteen species parasitising Coleoptera, including fungi species reported earlier, are described and their illustrations are presented. Taxonomical position of some of these species is discussed. Nine species were collected for the first time and are described as new for Lithuania: Laboulbenia argutoris C?péde et Picard, L. calathi Majewski, L. ophoni Thaxter, L. pedicellata Thaxter, L. phiilonthi Thaxter, L. murmanica Huld?n, L. thaxteri C?péde et Picard, Aphanandro-myces audisioi W. Rossi, Botryandromyces heteroceri (Maire) I. Tavares et Majewski. Data on Laboulbeniales distribution, their hosts, and ecological data on the recorded species is presented.

Keywords: fungi, Ascomycotina, Laboulbeniales, distribution, ecology, insects, Lithuania.