Possibilities to regulate microbial activity in utilising organic materials [Galimybės reguliuoti organines medžiagas utilizuojančių mikroorganizmų aktyvumą]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(3): 313–321

The paper presents the data of investigations carried out in 1995–1999 on the selected strains of micromycetes and other organisms and their application in accelerating the utilisation processes of different materials. The aim of investigation was to isolate microorganisms from natural environmental substrata contaminated with various pollutants, to identify them, to determine their destructive properties, and to establish the most favorable conditions for destructive processes of organic materials. Regulation of the activity of microorganisms, the application of the micromycetes selected basing on the specific criteria, and suggestions concerning optimum conditions for their functioning may accelerate the utilisation of organic and other materials, and thus to obtain useful products.

Keywords: microorganisms, fungi, waste materials, degradation, utilisation.