Baltijos jūros Lietuvos priekrantės bentoso makrofitų bendrijos [Communities of marine macrophytobenthos along the Lithuanian coastline of the Baltic Sea]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(4): 401–413

Five communities of macroalgae occurring along the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic Sea are described. The largest areas are covered by the communities of filamentous green algae dominated by Cladophora glomerata. They develop in shallow (0–3 m depth) waters. Red algae communities, dominated by perennial Furcellaria lumbricalis, occur in deeper (4–12 m depth) areas. The rare community of Fucus vesiculosus is described from only one locality; therefore, the data about its distribution is incomplete. Habitat of a rare and endangered species Zostera marina near Palanga is also described.

Keywords: benthic macroalgae, phytobenthos, communities, Baltic Sea, Lithuania.