Influence of ecological conditions of the habitat upon variability of Rubus plicatus [Augimviečių ekologinių sąlygų įtaka Rubus plicatus įvairavimui]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 6(4): 365–374

Habitats of Rubus plicatus Weihe et Nees were investigated in the forest of Kintai (Šilutė district, West Lithuania) in 1998–1999. The aim of this research was to characterise morphological variation of R. plicatus in the habitats of three different types. Illumination of the habitats was the principal ecological factor, which caused the morphological variation of R. plicatus. The plants tended to be higher and produced more fruiting shoots in the habitats with better illumination. Plant height and density of shoots in the habitats appeared to be positively correlated.

Keywords: Rubus plicatus, habitat, morphology, variation, ecological conditions, Lithuania.