Botanikos studijų ypatybės Lietuvoje 1944–1950 m. [Peculiarities of botany studies in Lithuania in 1944–1950]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 7(1): 27–40

Historical conditions in the post war period in Lithuania occupied by soviets were complicated. The new soviet system influenced the development of science. Central Committee of the Communist party controlled academical teaching and researches. It was confirmed at the congress on biological problems in July–August, 1948 in Moscow. Central Committee of the Communist party approved the report by T. Lysenko. He propagated a new theory of biology and presented his researches methods and results. It was one of the doctrines on which the Soviet ideology was based. This session influenced the development of biology science and biology studies in higher schools in USSR and in Lithuania. Referring on the archival documents the analysis of botany studies in Vilnius University and Vilnius Pedagogical Institute is presented. The influence of the congress of 1948 on botany studies in the period of 1944–1950 in Lithuania is analysed.

Keywords: botany, studies, universities, institutes, Lithuania.