Dictyochaeta Speg., Menispora Pers., ir Thozetella Kuntze gentys (Hyphomycetes) Lietuvoje [The Dictyochaeta Speg., Menispora Pers., and Thozetella Kuntze genera (Hyphomycetes)in Lithuania]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 7(1): 93–98

Eight species of Hyphomycetes: Dictyochaeta fertilis (S. Hugheles et Kendrick) Hol.-Jech., D. menisporoides Hol.-Jech., D. simplex (S. Hugheles et Kendrick) Hol.-Jech., Menispora caesia Preuss, M. ciliate Corda, M. glauca Pers., M. tortuosa Corda, and Thozetella nivea (Berk. Et F. Muell.) Kuntze are reported for the first time in the country. The specimens were collected in various parts of Lithuania in 1999–2000.

Keywords: Hyphomycetes, Dictyochaeta, Menispora, Thozetella, Lithuania.