Botanikos instituto strateginis veiklos planas [Strategic action plan of the Institute of Botany]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 7(2): 109–124

Institute of Botany has developed a strategic action plan according to the methods for strategical planning. Long-term strategical aims of action were singled out in the spheres of applied research work, applied activity, studies and training of scientists as well as renovation of both the scientific equipment and experimental research station. The Institute motivates a necessity to implement one programme – botanical and mycobiota diversity in Lithuania, consisting of three subprogrammes. Every subprogramme has its goals, long-term (10–15 years), average duration (up to 5 years), and short-term tasks to accomplish these aims. The necessary means of work and evaluation criteria are defined. The budget of the programme necessary to carry out these goals and tasks concludes the plan. Organisational measures for the improvement of the Institute's administration as well as relations with the governmental and economy structures are foreseen. The strategic action plan of the Institute of Botany is presented to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, the Department of Science and Studies, the commission of experts analysing the Institute's activity, and the Science Council of Lithuania.

Keywords: botany, development, strategy, Lithuania.