Myxomycetes of Viešvilė Strict Nature Reserve (SW Lithuania). 2. Moist chamber cultures [Viešvilės valstybinio rezervato (Pietvakarių Lietuva) gleivainiai. 2. Drėgnos kameros kultūros]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 7(2): 179–191.

This supplement to the list of myxomycetes of the Viešvilė Strict Nature Reserve includes 29 species obtained in moist chamber cultures. Data are provided on substrata and habitat; notes on ecology for some species are also presented. The following 11 species are new to Lithuania: Arcyria globosa, Comatricha longipila, Diderma effusum, Lamproderma scintillans, Macbrideola cornea, Oligonema cf. fulvum, Perichaena vermicularis, Physarum cf. bitectum, P. confertum, P. oblatum, and Stemonitis pallida. In total, 73 species and varieties are reported from the Reserve. Twenty species were collected from the bark of living trees; the most productive among them was Quercus robur. Eleven species sporulated on litter; litter cultures of more diverse composition were more productive as compared to litter consisting of leaf and herbaceous debris. Productivity of dung cultures was low; two species were obtained from dung of wild herbivores.

Keywords: Myxomycetes, slime moulds, moist chamber technique, Lithuania.