Najas flexilis ir Najas minor Lietuvoje [Najas flexilis and Najas minor in Lithuania]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 7(2): 203–208

Two species of the genus Najas – N. marina, rather frequent in the eastern and southern part, and very rare N. minor has been known in Lithuania so far. In 1998 Najas flexilis was found for the first time in Lithuania in Lake Sungardas (Ignalina district), growing together with Najas minor in the same habitat. The species composition of the communities with N. flexilis and N. minor is presented. Revision of the literature data and herbarium specimens revealed two localities of Najas flexilis (Lake Germantas, Telšiai district, 1966; Lake Sungardas, Ignalina district, 1998) and three localities of Najas minor (Lake Švenčius, Trakai district, 1822; Lake Skritelis, Zarasai district, 1961; Lake Sungardas, Ignalina district, 1998) in Lithuania.

Keywords: Najadaceae, Najasflexilis, Najas minor, distribution, Lithuania.