Salix viminalis L. vegetatyvinio dauginimo matematinis įvertinimas [Mathematical evaluation of Salix viminalis L. vegetative propagation]. –Botanica Lithuanica, 7(2): 135–153

In 1995 experimental plants were planted on Kauno Marios Reservoir banks to protect them against abrasion. Four different Salix L. species were used for vegetative propagation. Cuttings of Salix viminalis L. were chosen in order to evaluate methods of vegetative propagation with regard to influencing factors, to determine the growth of aboveground and underground parts of cuttings. Comparison of vegetative propagation methods was made applying the Tukey HSD test. Linear multiple regression with forward selection was applied to obtain regression equations. Linear canonical ordination method – redundancy analysis (RDA) – was used to obtain general view of growth variation applying various methods of vegetative propagation.

Keywords: Salix viminalis, vegetative propagation, cuttings, redundancy analysis.