Pūslėtoji aldrūnė (Aldrovanda vesiculosa) Lietuvoje [Aldrovanda vesiculosa in Lithuania]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 7(4): 385–386

In Lithuania Aldrovanda vesiculosa was once found in Lake Dysnai (Ignalina district, North-East Lithuania) in 1955. Later all attempts to find this species were unsuccessful and it was ascribed to the group of extinct species. In 2001 new locality of Aldrovanda vesiculosa was found in Lake Rūžas (Ignalina district). This plant is distributed in shallow bay and forms the belt of about 300 m. The status of Botanical Reserve is proposed for Lake Rūžas.

Keywords: Aldrovanda vesiculosa, Droseraceae, habitat, Red Data Book, Lithuania.