Some materials on mitosporic fungi from Turkey. II. Coelomycetes [Kai kurie duomenys apie Turkijos mitosporinius grybus. II. Coelomycetes]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(2): 161–170

Coelomycetes (Sphaeropsidales and Melanconiales) of 111 species from 31 genera were recorded on 53 species of higher plants belonging to 29 families. Majority (84.7 %) of fungi belonged to the Sphaeropsidales order. Two trophic groups were discerned: xylotrophes (80 %) and phyllotrophes (20 %). Among them saprobic species were prevalent (76 %). The ratio of the number of host plants and number of fungi was on average 1 : 2.2. The collection included members of holarctic, irradiated to southern hemisphere holarctic, palearctic, euro-caucasian, euro-caucasian-middle asiatic, mediterranean, mediterranean–palearctic, and cosmopolite geographic elements. Coelomycetes of 101 species and 6 genera are reported from Anatolia and European part of Turkey for the first time.

Keywords: Coelomycetes, trophic groups, geographic elements, Turkey.