Yeast distribution in milk products produced in Lithuania [Mielių paplitimas Lietuvoje gaminamuose pieno produktuose]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(2): 179–184

As a result of the research, morphological, physiological, and biochemical properties of yeasts in quark, sweetened creamed quark, cheese, and in the sources of their contamination (equipment, air), were revised. Yeasts of 16 species were identified. They included the Candida Berkhout, Debaryomyces Lodder et Kreger van Rij, Kluyveromyces van der Walt, Pichia (Hansen) Kurtzman, Rhodotorula Harrison, Saccharomyces Meyen, Trichosporon Behrend, and Torulaspora Lindner genera. One species of the yeast-like fungi ? Geotrichum candidum Link : Fries ? was identified. To Ascomycotina 83 % of the species were assigned, 17 % ? to Deuteromycotina subdivisions.

Keywords: yeasts, species, milk products, isolate, identification.