Discomycetes of Viešvilė Strict Nature Reserve. 2. New data and emendations [Viešvilės valstybinio rezervato diskomicetai. 2. Nauji duomenys ir pakeitimai]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(3): 265–274

The second paper on discomycetes of Viešvilė Strict Nature Reserve deals with new data on species diversity and provides descriptions, ecological and taxonomical notes for selected species recorded in the territory. Fourteen species have been additionally listed for the Reserve. Calycellina aff. populina, Cistella aconiti, “Helotium” aff. aureolum, Lachnum charretii, L. aff. coeruleo-album, L. ledi, L. subauratum, and Phialina carpinacea appeared to be new for Lithuania. Four species have been excluded from the list. In total, 138 species of discomycetes are recorded in the Reserve.

Keywords: discomycetes, nature reserves, Lithuania.