Influence of Athelia arachnoidea on epiphytic communities growing in broad-leaved forests under strong anthropogenic impact [Athelia arachnoidea įtaka labai antropogenizuotų plačialapių miškų epifitų bendrijoms]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(3): 253–258

Influence of the basidiomycete Athelia arachnoidea on epiphytic communities was studied in broad-leaved forests in the zone of influence of chemical plant in central Lithuania. Lichen communities in 24 permanent quadrats were observed for four years. During this period the fungus was noted in 10 quadrats and caused significant damage in some of them. A. arachnoidea influenced both species number and cover in the quadrats, though its influence on various species differed both due to type of fungus infection and individual reaction of the lichen species.

Keywords: epiphytic lichens, lichen communities, lichenicolous fungi, Athelia arachnoidea.