Relict fungi of primeval forests in the Świętokrzyskie mountains (Central Poland) [Reliktiniai sengirių grybai Świętokrzyskie kalnuose (Centrinė Lenkija)]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(3): 243–251

This article presents a list of 30 basidiomycete species recorded in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Central Poland), which are classified as primeval forest relicts. Species fulfiling such criterion are highly specialised; they are clearly attached to old forests and practically not found beyond them, not found in synathropic habitats. All the listed fungi are very rare or rare in Poland, included into national and/or regional red lists. At present the distribution of primeval forest relicts is concentrated mainly in the largest and best preserved forests of Poland, i.e., in Białowieska, Augustowska, Carpathian, as well as in Świętokrzyska Forests. Świętokrzyska Forest, and particularly its part in Świętokrzyski National Park, is an important refuge of these fungi.

Keywords: macromycetes, primeval forest, refuges, Świętokrzyski National Park, threatened fungi, Poland.