Content of dietary fibers and sour matters in Sorbus fruits [Maistinių skaidulų ir rauginių medžiagų kiekis šermukšnių vaisiuose]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(4): 357–362

Three Sorbus cultivars (‘Cooper Glow’, ‘Coral Beauty’, and ‘Pink Green’) and five forms of Sorbus aucuparia (ŠA-20, ŠA-36, ŠA-39, T14-7, and T14-9) were investigated. At harvest time in September the weight of 100 fruits of Sorbus cultivars was 34.4–38.9 g and of Sorbus aucuparia forms – 39.1–93.3 g. The content of pectins and dietary fibers in fruits gradually decreased during the ripening period, and in September it was the lowest in 100 g of fresh fruits. The content of these substances at harvest time was about 4 g/100 g in average of fresh fruits. The content of sour matters was 0.4 % in average.

Keywords: pectin, dietary fibers, sour matters, fruit weight, dynamics.