New for Lithuania species of epiphytic cyanobacteria [Naujos Lietuvoje epifitinės cianoprokariotų rūšys]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(4): 363–370

Epiphytic algae of five lakes with different trophic level collected from four aquatic plant species were investigated. Three species of filamentous and one species of coccous cyanobacteria new to Lithuanian water basins are reported. Descriptions of morphological features and drawings of Tolypothrix tenuis, T. lanata, Hapalosiphon fontinalis, and Aphanocapsa sp. are presented. Discussion and comments on the distribution of species in epiphyton communities are given.

Keywords: Tolypothrix, Hapalosiphon, Aphanocapsa, filamentous cyanobacteria, epiphyton, lakes, Lithuania.