Structure and productivity of sown meadow communities on the Central Lithuanian Plain (on the model of Graisupis Experimental Field Station) [Sėtinių pievų bendrijų struktūra ir produktyvumas Vidurio Lietuvos lygumoje (Graisupio agrostacionaro pavyzdžiu)]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(4): 337–356

At present data on significant transformation processes taking place in sown meadow communities undergoing naturalization on various types of the Lithuanian natural landscape are still missing. The discussed data could be supplemented with a thorough investigation on sown meadow grassland structure, vascular plant species composition and aboveground phytomass. It would reveal changes in communities, naturalization peculiarities and prospects of grassland cultivation. The research data (2001–2002) on sown mesophillous grasslands (10–11 years of running) characteristic by their composition to the Central Lithuanian Plain region are presented.

Keywords: sown meadow, community, structure, diversity, aboveground phytomass, economic yield, agricultural landscape, Lithuania.